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What do you do when there's so much to be done and you don't know where to start? You do at least something. That's why we signed up to be  RCCS hostesses. There are so many desperate cancer patients, but helping one patient is how we can make a difference.

It's also how you can make a difference.

When we signed up as  hostesses, we set a goal of $12,000 to cover one cancer patient's lifesaving insurance policy. WE only have until December 22 to reach my goal, and the clock is ticking!! We need your help to reach the finish line and give our patients the access they need to top doctors and complicated medical procedures.

This mission is very dear to our heart. We can't just watch so many Yidden suffer without doing our share to make the pain go away. But we can't do it alone. We need your help to give our cancer patient a chance at life! Every dollar makes a difference, and your support will mean so much to us personally.

Your contribution will literally save a life. Please join us in our quest and contribute as much you can.

Loads of thanks & best regards!

Aliza Deutsch, Danielle Wolfset, Dena Neuman, Ruchie Guttman, Malki Fisher, Gila Nussen, Shoshana Brand, Gitty Edelstein, Simi Eisenstadt, Shoshana Rosenfeld, Adina Schonfeld

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