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רפואה שלימה צפורה בת יוכבד זיסל

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רפואה שלימה צפורה בת יוכבד זיסל   

As many of you know, I have the tremendous zechus of volunteering as a member of the Application Committee of RCCS. In this capacity, I have had the great merit of being able to help many people in our own community who are suffering terribly from the dreaded machlah. I have also been privy to the untold amount of work that goes into each case and have never ceased being blown away by the incredible work of RCCS.

 To give you just one example, this  happened about two weeks ago.

 Sitting on a plane on my way to Israel on a Tuesday evening, I got a phone call from a resident of Crown Heights, saying that his daughter was just diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer. He inquired what RCCS can do to help them.

I called Rabbi Zishe Lowy, RCCS’s indefatigable Director of Patient Services, and shared the details of the case with him. Rabbi Lowy immediately got in touch with the patient, who is a mother of a family of young children, and arranged an appointment by one of the top doctors for a second opinion.

RCCS unanimously agreed to pay for the visit for the second opinion, to the tune of $4,000. From the airplane I approved the application and vouched for her.

I landed back in NY on Friday morning. I received a phone call from a member of our organization that the appointment was made with the specialist; however, they said that there is a problem with her insurance.

I went straight from the airport to meet with our insurance broker here in Crown Heights. It took us about two hours to fix the issues.

Boruch Hashem, she was able to see the surgeon on Friday afternoon. From the brokers office I went to one of the Crown Heights Rabonim for his signature on her application. The Rov signed and approved RCCS to cover the premiums until her ultimate recovery bezras Hashem.

To date, her health insurance is being paid by RCCS totaling over $11,000! RCCS is in constant contact with the patient and her family following her recovery. Please daven for רפואה שלימה צפורה בת יוכבד זיסל.

Unfortunately, there are numerous Crown Heights people and Shluchim the world over who are depending on RCCS to help them in their time of need. It is our obligation to help support this organization in their time of need.

 I thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my webpage and donating generously. Your help will allow RCCS to continue with its wonderful work and will certainly help save lives. My goal of $15,000, is to raise the costs to cover the insurance policy of this one patient! Please help me reach this goal.

May Hashem bless each and every one of you that you should all be healthy and never have to reach out to any Chesed organizations in your time of need.


Rabbi & Mrs. Moshe Klein