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Etty Fishman $322.00
Devorah Faygi Perl $154.00
Tybee Wechsler $154.00
Lauren Levy $100.00
Pearl Mayer $80.00
Sorry couldn't be there.
Malky Rubin $45.00
In honor of Rivky Unger.
Gitty Fried $36.00
Blimie Meisels $36.00
Much hatzlacha for reaching your goal.
Shprintzy Neuman $36.00
In honor of mrs rivky Unger
Raizy Berkowitz $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $25.00
Esty Meisels $20.00
In honor of the most special person I know!
Pessy Zupnick $20.00
Isac Weinberger $20.00
Leah Steinberg $18.00