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Joseph Schwartz $300.00
Jessica, Keep up the great work!
Anonymous Sponsor $250.00
Daniel Petashnick $250.00
Yonason Kimmel $198.00
Barbara Hoerner $180.00
Jessica and family are the best neighbors ever!
Elana Brehm $180.00
Jessica, we think you are awesome!!! Tizki l'mitzvot mitzvot!!!
C A Tarlowe $180.00
Shari Bloomberg $180.00
In honor of my birthday, our friendship and your continued good health! You remain an inspriation!!
Rochelle Savitt $150.00
Anonymous Sponsor $142.00
Arthur Weinstein $102.00
Jessica Savitt $100.00
Tamar Gold $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Jacob Savitt $100.00
Charles Aptowitzer $100.00
Continued Refuah Shlemah.
Ami Neuman $100.00
Miriam Lazar $100.00
Arthur Weinstein $100.00
In honor of the 14th birthday of Noah E. Rosner
Arthur Weinstein $100.00
In honor of the 21st birthday of Jacob Savitt.
Arthur Weinstein $100.00
for a refuah shlaymah for Tzofia Emunah bas Sorah Yehudis
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Stephen Savitt $100.00
Hana Meysarosh $72.00
Yasher Koach! May you always be bentched with EXCELLENT health and nachas HaShem. May you continue going m'chayil l'chayil!
Miriam Greenstein $72.00
In honor of Jessica and her amazing generosity.
Sharon Lieber $54.00
Dear Jessica. Good health and much nachat in the years to come
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
In honor of Lillian Tobin
Shona Young $36.00
You are an inspiration and a very special person to both of us.
Michael Poppers $36.00
In memory of my Oma, who passed away from breast cancer. Keep up the holy work, Jessica!
Rivky Becker $36.00
תזכי למצות !!
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
In honor of your refuah shelaymah! May you continue to stay healthy and strong!
Naomi Stroock $36.00
In honor of all that you do for our community
Rivka Walk $36.00
Always so proud of you Jess and wishing you many many healthy and joyous years ahead!
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Your life is a miracle and a testimony that with God ALL things are possible.
Deena Klavan $36.00
Jennifer Leavitt $36.00
In honor of jessica
Michael Friedman $36.00
In memory of my mother Esther Bas Aharon and Tzipporah whose 4th Yeirzeit is next week
Amy Leykin $30.00
In Honor of Jessica Savitt who should continue to have good health till 120!
Eugene Grudnikoff $30.00
Suri Norowitz $28.00
Efrona Hagler $20.00
Yaakov Silverman $15.00
From ur jec 12th grade boys
Teri Neidich $10.00