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Rachel Wiesenfeld $518.00
Anonymous Sponsor $502.00
Go Serach, Yonit & Ora! May your brother, Yosef zt'l, be a meilitz yosher for all of you!! With much appreciation to RCCS & its Supporters - Rivka N.
Simcha Solomon $180.00
L'n Yosef Ben Rachel zt'l
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
May your brother, Yosef ben Rachel a'h, be a meilitz yosher for your family, RCCS Cholim and all of Klal Yisroel! Tisku Lemitzvot!
Rachel Baruchov $128.00
Jaclyn Sarig $102.00
A Reich $97.00
Michal Nojovitz $80.00
In memory of Yosef Ben Rachel.
Tzipora Hirth $72.00
Sarah Tawil $72.00
Shoshana Benguira $55.00
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
in honor of RCCS ! And in the memory of Yosef ben Rachel zt"z
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
L'ilui nishmas Yosef Ben Rachel zt'l! In appreciation to the staff at RCCS!
Devorah Wolf $54.00
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Adina Berman $46.00
Hudis Leiman $46.00
Ita Low $44.00
Tizku l’’mitzvos
Tzipora Chananashvili $36.00
In memory of Yosef
Rochel Leah And Ezriel Shulman $36.00
Chaya Ausch $36.00
lilui nishmat Yosef Ben Rachel ztz'l
Pinchas Ausch $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $20.00
Yoel Ashkenazi $20.00
In honour of Ora Grady
Sheldon Brief $10.00
Anonymous Sponsor $10.00
Kol hakavod Ima and Best aunts :) ! Avital Raanan ;)
Yogev Raanan $10.00
Ima Serach and Ora ! Tizku Lemitzvot. Yosef should always be Ben melitz yosher for all of us.:)
Malka Freedman $10.00
In honor of Serach who is such a special person. Your brother’s neshama should have an aliya.