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Anonymous Sponsor $250.00
Tova Cohen $180.00
Moshe & Et Caplan $118.00
Chaya Fischman $118.00
Tzvi Eli Caplan $100.00
Zev Caplan $74.00
In honor of the best S.I.L.!! Tizku L'Mitzvos!! Love, Z&F
Esther Tevel $72.00
In honor of Hendy . Tizki Lemitzvos! May you continue to do Mitzvos and Maasim Tovim in good health!!
Perez Mozes $72.00
In honor of Hendy. Keep up the good work.
Malka Wecker $54.00
Thanks Tzivi for doing this for Bracha Bassheva A"H
Aaron Werczberger $54.00
Tizki LMitzvos Hendy!
Shimon Goldstein $54.00
Yehudis, keep it up!
Anonymous Sponsor $54.00
Miri Munk $54.00
Bayla Rivkah And David Abdurachmanov $51.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
In honor of Tzivi, Hendy, Nechama and Yehudis for organizing the CWH RCCS event.
Breindy Steinmetz $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Miriam Braun $30.00
From braun family
A M $10.00