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Refuah Sheleima Chaim Zvi Hersh Ben Gutal
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Go Tanteh Challah!! Love Baby AYLB
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‎‏לעילוי נשמת פייגא מינדל בת יחיאל מיכל
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Proof that when you put your mind to something you always accomplish it 🙏🏻❤️. So proud of you.
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Refuah Shelayma for Chaim Zvi Hirsh Ben Gutal from Zvi and Hindi We’re so proud of you Chali!
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Guess who loves you and is inspired by you
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For the one and only Chali! in honor of Tzviki's Birthday
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Refuah shelamah to Chaim Tzvi Hersh Ben Gutal
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In honor of a complete Refuah Shlaima Chaim Zvi Hirsh ben Gutal.
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Kosher Swag LOVES Chali Levin and the infinite mitzvahs that she does every second! She is the one BRINGING MOSHIACH WHILE THE REST OF THE WORLD IS SHLUFFING AWAY! THANK YOU CHALI LEVIN FOR BRINGING MOSHIACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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In honor of Chali Levin amazing cousin of Chaim tzvi hersh ben Gutal’
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Big ups to Chali Levin (BH) !
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Chali the main Broker at FG - Keep up the good work
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Goooo Chana Michla! #specialsoul
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Go Chali!
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Go tante challah! May your commitment to others give you strength and clarity! I love you!
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In honor of Chali always a DOER AND A SHAKER !!!
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In honor of Yerachmiel Levi ben Moshe Aaron
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Chali, the non-stop good you do is inspirational!
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Good luck, Chali!
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Chali your a Chessed rockstar! Keep on shining
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Moshiach NOW!
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Tizku lemitzvot💖💖
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Go Chali!
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Shkoach Chali
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Chaim Tzvi Hersh ben Gutul
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To complete this tour and help you achieve any new goal you set
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In honor of Chali Levin
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Zchus of continuing friendships and success for all
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Hi Miriam its me your shvester
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