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Rochel Frishman $180.00
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Shaina Tenenbaum $104.00
Gittel Leider $100.00
Chanie Lazar $100.00
Thank you Miriam Weiss for your incredible work on behalf of RCCS. In this zechus, may all who need, have a refuah shelaima right now and live long healthy years filled with brochos.
Sarah Shagalov $100.00
So proud of all your hard work and dedication miriam Weiss. Love you !!
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Joseph Baram $54.00
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Miriam, I am so proud of all your hard work!
Riki Levin $36.00
Yehuda Ringler $36.00
Devora Marsow $36.00
Go Miriam! :)
Chana Hurwitz $36.00
May all those in need of a refuah shleimah be bentched with good health.
Aida Horowitz $36.00
Chaya Cohen $36.00
Thank you so much for all you do, Miriam!! U da bomb!!
Rivkah Lebovic $36.00
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