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Gittty Sternlicht
Brooklyn, NY

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Thank you for visiting my RCCS webpage and being part of my #RideAlong!

The road ahead for cancer patients is not an easy one. They need the support of caring people who join them in their journey through pain and suffering – and ultimately to relief, hope and salvation.

Once I realized that I can be a part of the RCCS Tour and make a real difference, I jumped right on board and hit the road running by accepting the responsibility to raise the funds to cover the cost of one cancer patient's insurance. It is amazing to know that by riding along with RCCS I have the ability to actually save a life! How could I not answer the call and get on the bus to accept this challenge?

By visiting my page, you have shown that you too understand the importance of getting on the road to ride against cancer. You have come here to join me for the ride and become a part of my campaign to save one Jewish life! Thanks for zipping along together with me! I am truly grateful for your company on this amazing ride!

So what's my destination? The amount I accepted to raise to cover one cancer patient's lifesaving insurance policy is $1,800. I only have until November, 29 to reach my goal, and the finish line is up ahead! Your magnanimous contribution will help me reach the last stop and give my patient the access to top doctors and complicated medical procedures he desperately needs.

Every donation makes a huge difference, and your support along the road means so much to me personally.

Thank you for joining me on my journey and contributing as much you can to this worthiest of causes!

May your kind donation be a source of merit for nachas and joy in every area of your own life!!

Gittty Sternlicht

rccs tour
drawing date november 29, 2018