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Co-Hosts: Roizy Lebowitz

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  • Miriam Landau $256.00
  • Asher Handler $252.00
  • Andrew Gladstone $250.00
    In honor of the amazing team at Fidelity Payment Services
  • Avi Iczkovits $250.00
  • E Rebenwurzel $250.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $198.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $181.00
    loads of hatzlacha!
  • Yanky & Gitty Weiser $180.00
    Keep up your amazing work!!
  • David Ilowitz $180.00
  • Krynchie Oberlander $180.00
    Thank you for giving us this opportunity to honor you. May you be zocheh to continue in your chesed.
  • Mordechai Lev $133.00
    In honor of Ben!
  • Sima Simmonds $118.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $108.00
  • Yoel Sterngold $100.00
  • Chany Sterngold $100.00
  • Baruch Zlotowitz $100.00
    Tizku Lmitzvos!
  • Roizy Lebowitz $100.00
    Chany thanks for being us mechazek for the important organization. Hazluche
  • Chany Weiser $100.00
  • Moshe Paley $100.00
    Keep up the great work!
  • Zissy Strasser $100.00
  • Miriam Klein $100.00
    Much hatzlacha in honor of this great cause. Inside Sales Team: Sarah Feder, Toby Kraus, Miri Klein, Estie Schwartz
  • Shulem Ehrenfeld $100.00
  • Pearl Friedman $100.00
    Abe and Pearl Friedman
  • Livia Rebenwurzel $100.00
  • Yaushue Deutsch $79.00
    my wife and i spend our share by RCCS this year but for Fidelity- WEISER we are adding more to the pot! Go ahead!
  • Chavy Helfgott $72.00
  • Anonymous Sponsor $72.00
    You should always be zoche to be on the giving end! Keep up your dedicated work!!
  • Libby Schwartz $72.00
    Chany, thank you for hosting such a beautiful event and for giving us the opportunity to donate towards such an important cause, while at the same time enjoying the company of our classmates and friends! The Zchus zul dir beishtein.
  • Moses Grunwald $66.00
  • Chana Anemer $54.00
  • Lea Weiser $54.00
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  • David Singer $54.00
    in honor of Ben "Yumi" Weiser
  • Ruchy Brull $50.00
    WOW! ROIZY YOU ARE AMAZING!! IM SO PROUD OF YOU!! Everyone should learn to GIVE, & help others LIVE, Hatzluche to the recipient, donors & a blessing to Klal Yisrul
  • Joshua Lintz $46.00
  • Blimi Rubin $36.00
    Tizka lemitzvos!
  • Blimie & Livie $36.00
    Best of Luck!
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    Hatzlacha Rabba! From S.W.
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  • Jacob Kornreich $25.00
    לע"נ ר' ישעי' ב"ר משה לרפאות אברהם אלעזר בן מחלה
  • Avi Diena $20.00
    Good Luck
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    Kol Hakavod!
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  • Raizy Weiss $20.00
    Chany, wishing you lots of hatzlucha!!
  • Sarah Urbach $20.00
  • Shevy Goldstein $20.00
    In honor of Roizy Lebowitz. Hatzlucha to you!
  • E Klugman $18.00
    Hatzlacha Gedolah!
  • Esther Kohn $18.00
    Thank you for giving this project your all! Hatzlucha
  • M Weiss $18.00
    Roizy, Keep on doing gitte zachen... I'm impressed!!
  • Elisha Zeiger $18.00
    in honor of the Weisers
  • Aaron And Sara Gluck $18.00
  • Etty Glazer $18.00
    Tiska L'mitzvahs Roizy!
  • Yankel Cohen $18.00
    Lot of Hatzlucha!
  • Levi & Rachel Kahn $18.00
    Hatzlachah & Keep up Your Great Work
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  • Avromy Segal $18.00
  • Devorah Simon $18.00
  • Jacob Witriol $18.00
    L'kavod Ben Weiser. B'zchus all the good that you do and no doubt, will continue doing.
  • Isaac Sadowsky $15.00
  • Yanky & Nechama Kaufman $10.00
  • Shea Singer $10.00
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What do you do when there's so much to be done and you don't know where to start? You do at least something. That's why I signed up to be an RCCS hostess. There are so many desperate cancer patients, but helping one patient is how I can make a difference.

It's also how you can make a difference.

When I signed up as a hostess in the name of Fidelity, I set a goal of $10,000 to cover one cancer patient's lifesaving insurance policy. I only have until December 22 to reach my goal, and the clock is ticking!! I need your help to reach the finish line and give my patients the access they need to top doctors and complicated medical procedures.

Fidelity is a company with heart. We are a group of passionate individuals who endeavor to make a real difference to our community. The Fidelity team is proud to team up with RCCS to generate a powerful impact for cancer patients.

This mission is very dear to my heart and all of us at Fidelity. I can't just watch so many Yidden suffer without doing my share to make the pain go away. But I can't do it alone. I need your help to give my cancer patient a chance at life! Every dollar makes a difference, and your support will mean so much to me personally.

Your contribution will literally save a life. Please join me in my quest and contribute as much you can.

Loads of thanks & best regards!

Chany Weiser